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Furboz's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 7 (From 3 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 50 Points

Abraham Link Coln

Medals Earned: 1/55 (10/495 points)

Shield 10 Points

Find the Shield

Ambidextrous 5 Points

Find the Ambidextrous cave

Ana Bell 5 Points

Buy Ana Bell

Arrow 5 Points

Find Arrow

Baby Key 5 Points

Find Baby Key

Blue Rupee 5 Points

Find the Blue Rupee

Cake Cat 5 Points

Help Indie Ana Jones and her michi michi cake cat

CampBell 5 Points

Find the CampBell Soup can

Charly Garcia 1 5 Points

Hear Charly Garcia Inconciente Colectivo

Charly Garcia 2 5 Points

Hear Charly Garcias Rap de las hormigas

Charly Garcia 3 5 Points

Hear Charly Garcias No estoy verde

Chest 5 Points

Find the Chest

Graham Bell 5 Points

Find Graham Bell

Green Arrow 5 Points

Find Green Arrow and Litte Green Cursos secret spot

Green Cursor 5 Points

Find Little Green Cursor secret Spot

Ice Cube 5 Points

Find Ice Cube

Iron Man 5 Points

Help Iron Man in his duty

Magic beans 5 Points

Find the Magic Beans

Penny 5 Points

Find Link Coln Penny Face

Purple Rupee 5 Points

Find the Purple Rupee

Red Rupee 5 Points

Find Red Rupee

Ring 5 Points

Find the Ring

Skulltulla Token 5 Points

Find the Skulltulla Token

Stephano Cagatore 5 Points

Help the Vampire with Diarrhea

Taco Bell 5 Points

Buy Taco Bell

Tinker Bell 5 Points

Buy Tinker Bell

Yellow Rupee 5 Points

Find Yellow Rupee

BatMango 10 Points

Find BatMango Cave

Big Keese 10 Points

Defeat the Big Keese

Bomb 10 Points

Find Bomb

Boomerang 10 Points

Find the Boomerang

Boss Key 10 Points

Find the Boss Key

Broken Link 10 Points

Find the Broken Link

Chapulin Colorado 10 Points

Find the Red Grasshopper

Compass 10 Points

Find the compass

Dark side of the Tri Force 10 Points

Find the Dark side of the Tri Force

DJ PULP tracks 10 Points

Find the DJ PULP cassette

Donut Summer 10 Points

Find Donut Summer secret VIP beach

Empty Bottle 10 Points

Find the Empty Bottle

Finding Nemo 10 Points

Find Nemo

Guitar Hero 10 Points

Perform a Guitar Hero at Guitar Hero Shack

Lego Las 10 Points

Find Lego Las Secret Spot

Link Coln Memorial 10 Points

Visit the Finish version of Link Coln Memorial

Link Coln Stamp 10 Points

Find the Link Coln Stamp

Map 10 Points

Find the Map

Rupee 10 Points

Find Green Rupee

Sword 10 Points

Find the Hero Sword

The Keyss 10 Points

Find the Keyss

The Ring 10 Points

Watch the Ring Movie

Wookie Talkie 10 Points

Repair Wookie Talkie

Big Boss Key 25 Points

Find the Big Boss Key

Boo 25 Points

Visit the Big Boo Cave

Full Heart Container 25 Points

Find 4 pieces of heart

Link Coln Death 25 Points

perform Link Coln Death

Missing Link 25 Points

Find Missing Link

Start Powerless

Medals Earned: 2/15 (10/200 points)

Level 1 5 Points

Complete level 1.

Level 2 5 Points

Complete level 2.

Level 3 5 Points

Complete level 3.

Level 4 5 Points

Complete level 4.

Level 5 5 Points

Complete level 5.

Level 10 10 Points

Complete level 10.

Level 6 10 Points

Complete level 6.

Level 7 10 Points

Complete level 7.

Level 8 10 Points

Complete level 8.

Level 9 10 Points

Complete level 9.

Level 11 25 Points

Complete level 11.

Level 12 25 Points

Complete level 12.

Level 13 25 Points

Complete level 13.

Level 14 25 Points

Complete level 14.

Level 15 25 Points

Complete level 15.

Super Panda 3xb

Medals Earned: 4/6 (30/180 points)

Game over 5 Points

Lose for the first time.

Play 5 Points

Play for the first time.

2X 10 Points

Get this advantage.

500 score 10 Points

Make 500 points.

1000 score 50 Points

Make 1000 points.

2000 score 100 Points

Make 2000 points.